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OrderVision brings computer vision to the makeline. Designed to reduce labor and food costs, increase capacity and empower decision makers. OrderVision streamlines processes, so staff can master their craft and, management can focus on what matters most.

Key Industry Challenges

The Food Service industry is a historically difficult business. Whether its labor shortages, rising costs or poor decision making, OrderVision is here to solve these all to common challenges.

Assembly line restaurants commonly experience overstaffing during downtimes and chronic understaffing during unexpected surges or labor shortages, resulting in either excessive labor costs or lost business. The heart of the problem is a bottleneck where the time taken to fulfill a customer's order exceeds the time it takes for the customer to pay, leading to wasted labor and reduced productivity.

Building a Frictionless Future


OrderVision is the first assembly-line-style restaurant order tracking and inventory management system. Powered by a low-latency, custom vision recognition system, OrderVision accurately identifies ingredients and seamlessly tracks customer orders in real-time as they are being prepared. OrderVision revolutionizes the way businesses operate, empowering employees to fully dedicate themselves to their craft. For customers, the experience is seamless, simply tap to pay, and done. No more unnecessary wait times at the register.

How We Integrate Into Your Business

Don't stress about costly upgrades or revenue loss due to system changes. OrderVision seamlessly integrates with your existing business infrastructure. Our straightforward camera hardware can be mounted on almost anything and removed just as easily, without the need for obstructive sensors or calibration—simply plug and play. Once operational, you'll gain access to our robust analytics platform and inventory management system.

Benefits That Go Beyond the Bottomline

Learn More About Our Value Chain and how your business can leverage OrderVision's computer vision & AI systems to leap ahead of the competetion.

  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Increase Maximum Output
  • Enhanced Customer Experiences
  • Inventory Management Dashboard
  • Macro & Micro Analysis on Business Perfomance
  • AI Powered Quality Assurance

Our mission is to provide businesses with the infrastructure to gain deeper insights into their operations. OrderVision, reduces labor costs, amplifies output, and enhances customer experiences, delivering value beyond traditional solutions. Combined with an advanced inventory management dashboard, and an AI powered quality assurance system. OrderVision empowers decision-makers with the insights to manage and grow their businesses.

Try a Taste of OrderVision

Curious How OrderVision Works? We've developed a model specifically trained on the typical sandwich ingredients commonly found in local delis. We guess you could call it Delivision, doesn't that name have a nice ring to it? Be sure to let us know what you think!

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